Innocor® Hardware Upgrades


UPG00100 - Upgrading of Innocor® with Oxygen Sensor


This upgrade will enable Innocor® to estimate oxygen consumption (VO2) during a cardiac output (CO) determination. In addition, improved data analysis of all gases during the manoeuvre, since unmixed oxygen will clearly define the respiratory cycle. 1 day installation of hardware at Innovision A/S in Denmark.  


UPG00200 - Upgrading of Innocor® with NIBP module


This Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) upgrade will enable Innocor® to provide additional variable calculations of systemic vascular resistance (SVR) and systemic vascular resistance index (SVRI) derived from MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure)/CO, as well as stand alone blood pressure measurement. The installation of hardware takes one day at Innovision A/S in Denmark.


UPG00300 - Upgrading Innocor® with Breath-by-Breath system 


This upgrade will transform Innocor® into a unique metabolic cart enabling real time acquisition of conventional ergospirometry variables coupled with non-invasive hemodynamic variables during rest and exercise.


UPG00301- Upgrading Innocor® with Spirometry system


This upgrade will let you perform measurements of FEV1, FVC, FEV1%, PEF, MEF 75, MEF 50, MEF 25, FET, MVV with your Innocor®. Upgrade valid for models INN00400 and INN00500 only. 


UPG00403 - Upgrading Innocor® Computer System


This upgrade includes an up-to-date single-board computer which will give you an approx. 5 times faster system for smoother operation  - 1000 MHz processor, and 512 MB RAM. Upgrade valid for Windows XP embedded systems with serial numbers 0226011 to 0827198 only.


UPG00500 - Valve replacement


This upgrade will provide a more practical valve system with respect to hygiene. That is because the valve comprises of a disposable insert, which is recommended to change whenever a new test gas cylinder is fitted.Because of the different physical characteristics of the replacement valve, the upgrade will include re-calibration of the rebreathing bag preparation mechanism. 

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